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Denton Park
442 Main South Road
Hornby, Christchurch 8042

Beginner class
Monday 6.30pm til 7pm ( school term)

Graded classes
Monday - 14yrs and above 6.30pm til 8pm

Tuesday - 8yrs to 13yrs 6.30pm til 7.30pm

Wednesday General class 6.30pm til 8pm
Aged 8yrs to 80yrs welcome
Closed on Christmas and New Years week

Please note: Webster dojo strictly maintains a safe and budo environment. We are unable to accept anyone that is connected with any gang affiliation or other organization that is of interest to the police, or has members with criminal convictions. Individuals that do have historical criminal convictions but are not part of the aforementioned groups may have their application for membership assessed on a case by case basis.

Training Fees:
Life membership fee: $70 per person paid at start of training.
Adult (18yrs+): $50 per month
Junior (8-17yrs): $30 per month
Family fee: $100 per month
Grading fees: Adult $50, Junior $30
First Class FREE
Casual rate: $10 per class.
Fees paid by direct debit on the 1 business day of the month, every month. 
First month and joining fee may be paid in cash.

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