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Setting Goals - The secret to progress

With a new year, comes some new dreams and goals. A goal is simply a dream with a date on it. When setting your goals for the year it is useful to follow the SMART system.

Specific - describe what the goal is in detail

Measurable - you need need to be able to know when you've got there

Achievable - make sure you don't set something you can't get. But don't make it too easy either. Sometimes it's good to stretch yourself

Relevant - is it something that is building you and going to add to your journey?

Timely - you need an end date to work towards

Some Goal ideas:

What grade do you want to be by December 2018?

What fitness goal do you want to have in 3 months, 6 months and year end?

Maybe you have a kata you want to learn and perfect

Maybe you want to train and enter a tournament this year?

Maybe you just want to improve your attendance each month.

Write the goals down.

Research shows that WRITTEN goals are far more likely to be achieved. Show them to your instructors if you like (because it will help us know what you want out of your training this year) but if you want to keep them to yourself that's ok too, just make sure you put them somewhere where you can look at them every now and then and check in on your progress.

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